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   The investment industry tends to silo its recommendations, such as you need stocks for growth and bonds for income. Instead, almost every portfolio needs wide diversification to safely achieve your objectives, because you never know what asset class will perform well.

   It is also important to know the history of performance of what you are investing in and how well it has done over long periods, through recessions, interest rate increases, inflation, bear markets, etc.

   This is my specialty. I have been an investment writer and researcher since I began in the industry and am most interested in finding the best custom fit.

    If you are interested, please contact me, and we can evaluate your goals to determine if there is a way I many help you. There is no charge for this initial evaluation. 


Andy Martin's office in Green Hills

I am the founder of Portfolio Investment Advisors, and have worked in the investment industry in sales, management, product development, and operations for over 30 years after starting with Merrill Lynch in NYC. I hold a B.B.A. in economics (Belmont University) and a MLAS (Vanderbilt University), series 7, 24, 53, 63, 66 securities licenses, and Life/Health Insurance licenses.

My research has been published in Advisor Perspectives, Rep.,, National Review, and other sources. I have been quoted in CNBC, Barron's, and The Wall Street Journal.


I wrote the award winning Dollarlogic: A Six-Day Plan to Achieving Higher Returns by Conquering Risk, foreword by Arthur B Laffer, Ph.D. I believe Dollarlogic disproves the belief that Risk = Reward, and shows how to build a more sustainable long-term retirement income. 

My broker/dealer relationship is with Silver Oak Securities, a Tennessee based independent broker dealer with 91 advisors, and $1.1 Billion under management. (source,, 1/31/24). Being independent I have access to virtually every major investment firm, insurance company, and custodian.

I am either fee-based or commission based. Do not be misled that fee-based is always the best route for the investor. Choices are the best route, in my opinion. Some account and relationship types are less costly for you via commissions rather than fees. We will review both to find the better fit.

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